Looking for the best electric shavers on the market? We have worked hard testing shavers until we cannot locate a hair within a 100 mile radius. When looking at electric razors, the prices and features of the various product ranges can be somewhat confusing, so we have put together an easy to figure out comparison chart.

Electric shavers are not just for those that want a clean-cut image, they are also great for regulating designer stubble growth for the rugged amongst you. If you are looking to buy new or upgrade an existing electric shaver then we have the best leading products available right now. There are certain features you may be looking for such as wet and dry shaving, quick charge time, a foil or rotary shaver etc.

Just consult the chart below for an overview and click the link for a full review of all the shavers.

Best Electric Shaver Reviews 2015

Best ProductBest Price
Electric ShaversPhilips RQ1175/16Braun Series 7 799cc-6Braun Series 3 – 340s-4Braun Series 5 5030sPhilips PT720Philips RQ1250/21Braun Series 3 – 380
Score4.5 / 54 / 55 / 54 / 53.5 / 54 / 54 / 5
DesignRotary ShaversFoil ShaversFoil ShaversFoil ShaversRotary ShaversRotary ShaversFoil Shavers
Clean station
Charging time1 h1 h1 h1 h8 h1 h1 h
Cordless50 min50 min45 min45 min40 min50 min45 min
Weight400 g430 g370 g410 g422 g420 g450 g
Find Best Deal & PricesPrice and DetailsPrice and DetailsPrice and DetailsPrice and DetailsPrice and DetailsPrice and DetailsPrice and Details

Although there are many features, attachments and gadgets around, we mustn’t forget that shaving is what we want our electric shaver to do really well. We want a comfortable, smooth shave with a nice close cut and little irritation to the skin. There are however a couple of specific features you may want.

Rotary or Foil Shavers

Electric shaving can be carried out using two different types of technology. One type uses a rotary action blade which look like two or three circular discs on the top. These rotate as you shave, cutting the hairs as they spin. Foil shavers have blades that cut which are placed beneath a foil of metal that protects your skin from the blades. Both systems work and are good for everyday use and it boils down to your personal preference, although foil shavers are slightly more popular as the biggest manufacturers make them (Braun and Panasonic).

Wet or Dry Shavers

Waterproof shavers are ideal if you like to shave in the bath. All electric shavers need to be safety rated to be used in a bathroom, but water resistant and waterproof ones are that bit more convenient in most situations. Brushing off hair from a shaver is the usual method, but ones which okay in a little water can be simply cleaned under a running tap. Not all electric shavers are safe to do this with, however.

Portable or Mains Connected

Can you believe that some shavers still need to be plugged in before you can use them! For ease of use and using on the go you really need a battery operated, cordless, portable shaver which is charged prior to first using. Generally these types of shavers are more convenient and will last you a whole week or two before you need to charge them again. All of our reccomended electric shavers are re-chargable and portable.

Cleaning Stations

Some shavers now come with cleaning stations which automatically clean your shaver.Any electric shaver will need cleaning and historically that has been manually carried out byblowing the hairs or running the shaver under water. Nowadays some shavers are sold with a cleaning station which carries out a cleaning cycle on the product, cleaning, lubricating and drying the blades for optimal cutting performance on the next use. Are they needed? Not really, cleaning is easy enough to do and the cleaning station does cost extra money to run and maintain.

Best Value – Braun Series 3 – 340s-4

Average User Rating: 5.0 Stars

Of all the shavers on test, the top value electric shaver award goes to the Braun Series 3-340s-4. The Braun is number one because it is a no-nonsense shaver giving a superb close shave. It may not have some of the extra and unnecessary features of the higher-end counterparts but it is a very high quality shaver giving a really close cut and it is portable with a quick re-charge. The quality of the shave is as good as the Braun higher-end models (read our full review).

Keedox MX8 Android TV BoxPlus points for the Braun Series 3-340s-4

  • Easy to Maintain – No need for a cleaning station, just run it under some water & add a drop of oil around once per week will keep it in tip-top shape.
  • Powerful Shaver – The Braun 340s shaver gives a superb close shave and has all of the core features that you would expect to see on much higher end (and more exopensive models).
  • Best Value – The very impressive shaving experience and portability of the Braun 340s mean that is should really be more expensive than it actually is. But luckily it’s not and that is why we have placed it at the top spot.

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Top Specs – Philips RQ1175/17

Average User Rating: 4.5 Stars

MiniX Neo X8 Android TV BoxThe Philips RQ1175/17 has a beautiful look thanks to it’s space-age aerodynamic design. It also boasts shaves very close and hugs every facial curve thanks to it’s GyroFlex 2D system and DualPrecision heads. It’s Aquatec wet and dry seal makes it suitable for using in the shower or on the go. An hours charge time will give a week or two’s shaving depending on amount of use and the Phillips comes with a click-on Beard Styler too (read our full review).

Plus points for the Philips RQ1175/17

  • Sleek Design – It has been designed to look stunning which it manages very well. But it’s not just a great looker but also a great shaver.
  • Great to use wet or dry – The Phillips has an Aquatec wet and dry seal so it is just as comfortable being used in a wet and steamy shower, sitting in the bath, or travelling in the train or car.
  • Plenty of Accessories – This shaver comes with a number of add-ons that make your shaving life easier. Out of the box you get a click-on Beard Styler, a charging stand, Travel pouch, cleaning brush and protection cape.

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Runner Up – Braun Series 7 799cc-6

Average User Rating: 4.0 Stars

We feel that the Braun Series 7 799cc-6 gives customers great value for money due to its modest price to specifications ratio. It also happens to be the runner-up device in our comparison table (read our full review).

Plus points for the Braun Series 7 799cc-6

  • Sonic Technology – Braun’s Sonic technology reads your face with over 10,000 micro vibrations and adjusts to the density of your beard to get a super close shave.
  • Cleaning Station – Although not absolutely neccesary, a cleaning station is a great luxury. Just pop in the shaver after use and it automatically cleans, charges, lubricates and dries your shaver.
  • Wet and dry functionality –  Use anywhere. On the go while heading somewhere, running around the house, or while in the shower. Convenient dual wet/dry mode makes it super convenient.

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