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Surprisingly your sweat is actually odourless, what smells is the bacteria that thrive in sweat. The strongest odour will come from your armpits and genitals. The rest of your body secretes salt with the sweat, this stunts the growth of the bacteria, the genitals and armpits however secrete proteins and fats with no salt, it's this that the bacteria thrive on.

The longer you leave between washing the more you'll smell, that's why it is important to wash your body once a day with a good body wash then use a deodorant or antiperspirant. Deodorants mask odour and slow the growth of bacteria. Antiperspirants reduce sweating by partially blocking sweat pores. If you don't like either try baking soda it will absorb sweat as well killing bacteria. If you are extremely sensitive about the smell you could shave your armpits as the bacteria can breed in the hair.

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Your feet have more sweat glands than your armpits plus they are often left to fester in the dark warmth of socks and shoes all day often making them the smelliest part of your body and cheesy feet not being uncommon.

1. Wash your feet every day, try an antibacterial soap or soaking them in Tea Tree and hot
    water to kill the smell producing bacteria.
2. Make sure your feet are thoroughly dry before putting on socks and shoes,
    particularly between the toes.
3. Try foot powder or antiperspirant.
4. Use cotton and natural fibre socks.
5. Try deodorant shoe inserts.
6. Don't wear the same shoes every day.
7. Remove the dead skin from your feet, it can harbour bacteria.


Find one that fits your life style and the environment you're in. A musk conveys sensual and sexy, which could be inappropriate for the office, try a light fresh citrus smell, which would also work better on hot summers days, musk's are best for a date or a club.

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A gentle abrasive action increases circulation sending freshly oxygenated blood to the skins surface, this will make it look pinker if it's a little grey, it will feel slightly firmer and smoother because you have removed the dead skin cells. It's also thought that this strengthens cellular activity delaying signs of premature aging. Exfoliate the body once a week and you should notice a difference.

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Generally the skin on your body is thicker than on your face, this makes it more resilient, also it is protected from the elements, pollution, and the suns UV rays. Your body wont need a moisturizer in the way your face does, but this doesn't mean there won't be any benefit from using a body moisturizer, used a few times a week, this will hydrate and improve the tone and texture of the skin, if it is applied by massaging it into the skin it will also promote circulation.

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pages:   2 removing body hair
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