Shaving afro hair can be particularly problematic, the extremely tight curls of afro hair are prone to curl back on themselves pushing back into the skin causing irritation even pushing into the skin pores causing razor bumps, even worst when the hair is cut close to the skin the hair can curl back under the skin where it continues to grow becoming an ingrown hair.
However these problems are not confined to black guys, many men suffer some of the above mentioned problems, but if you can provide a product which answers the difficult problems of shaving afro hair you can provide anyone a good shave, Black-Skin products do and will improve enormously anybodies shave.

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  • Black-Skin - Daily Facewash

    Black-Skin – Daily Facewash

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  • Black-Skin - Electric Shave Primer

    Black-Skin – Electric Shave Primer

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  • Black-Skin - Moisturiser

    Black-Skin – Moisturiser

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  • Black-Skin - Shaving Cream

    Black-Skin – Shaving Cream

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