Caring for Eyes and the Skin Around Them

How to Care for your Eyes
Dark Under Eye Circles and Puffiness


Always treat the skin around the eyes gently; the skin surrounding the eyes is the thinnest on the body. Add to this your eyes are always moving subjecting your skin to constant wear and tear. The result eyes are hard to treat and the first place to show their age. So lets look at caring for eyes.

° Always try to keep friction to a minimum, whether cleaning or applying moisturiser
(always use a light moisturiser, some face moisturisers are too heavy).

° Always if possible keep the skin supple, dry or taut skin will age faster.

° Don’t rub your eyes, it puts the skin under added pressure.

° Don’t smoke (if you are a smoker sorry to bang on about this but it doesn’t help your
skin in any way, particularly around the eyes).

° Don’t use an exfoliator around the eyes.

° When cleaning the skin surrounding the eyes and the eyelids themselves use a cotton
wool bud soaked in cleanser, then make sure all the cleanser is removed with a fresh
bud soaked in warm water.

° Use a eye gel or an eye cream, eye creams are often the same as a light moisturiser
(you can save money by buying light moisturiser).

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Dark circles under eyes

Under eye skin is so thin that you can see the underlying blood vessels. These unattaractive circles are caused by the enlargement of blood vessels which are just below the skin that is under eye. Dark circles show due to the fact that the under-ey skin is very thin. Obviously the thinner it is, the more transparent it will be and the more it will show.

Dehydaration can be a factor and drinking water can go someway to reducing them; it eases blocked lymph and a sluggish system making the area look a little clearer.

Under eye circles can also be hereditary. Do any of your parents have a similar condition? If so then the discolouration will probably get worse as you age as the skin loses elasticity.

If you have tried re-hydarating, getting more sleep and eating healthily, then it may just be in your genetic make-up. If so then all you can really do is to disguise them with some eye cream that helps to minimise the dark circles and even eradicate them, even though it will be temporarily.

Some eye creams will also help, because the problem is difficult to treat the best eye creams have light reflective particles to lighten the area making the dark circles less obvious. Grooming Health recommends

This can be caused by late nights and too little sleep, a cooling eye gel is the best remedy, eating less salt and drinking more fluid should help.

Puffiness can also appear with age, the pads that cushion your eyes begins to pull away and sag. Try facial exercises . The other alternative is gels which drain excess fluid from the tissues.

Grooming Health recommends


° Gels; Moisturise and have cooling effect, some have properties which drain excess fluid
helping to reduce puffiness. See Eye Gels

° Cream; The most moisturizing; they also have light reflective particles to make dark
eyelines less obvious.

° Emulsion; Halfway between the two.

Naturally Remove under eye dark circles, puffiness and bags

Although creams, lotions and potions can work, it is always worth trying to reduce redness and puffiness naturally. As you age the number and incidence of dark circles, crowsfeet, wrinkles and fine lines will increase, so check out some natural and effective ways to make your eyes twinkle.

A Good diet – Your diet is the key to overall good health. Along with the junk you eat, make sure you get plenty of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and fish oils.

Cucumber Slices or Teabags – Cucumbers are known for their cooling properties as are teabags, they both can help to hydrate the skin around your eyes. For best results use after leaving in th fridge, lie back and place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
Drink plenty of water – Water is seriously important for good health. Try to drink at least eight glasses of the good stuff daily. Water helps to keep skin hydrated and flushes away harmful toxins from the body.
A metal teaspoon – Keep one in the fridge and apply to the eyes which will instantly reduce lines and puffiness.