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Caring for your Nails


Nails are not really something that most men pay much attention to, or really care about. But tattered overgrown, fungus encrusted nails will not turn most caring for nailswomen on, and can hinder your self confidence.

It doesnt need to be that way, and looking after nails can be a low maintenance job. How many times have you looked down at your nails and realised they are dirty, manky old nails? And by then it is usually too late to do anything about them, and you realised you really should have spent a little time and done your nails.

Although fingernails are a neglected part of a mans body, we need to concentrate on them at least once in a while as they reflect on our personal hygiene and you want healthy nails. It is a good idea to follow some basic maintenance steps for nails, even if you just keep them trimmed and clean, or you could go further and indulge in a good quality nail cream.

If you want to know how to get strong and healthy nails then follow our nail care advice and tips:-

How to Cut Nails Properly

  • Don’t use your teeth to groom your nails. Clippers and scissors have been invented you know.
  • Keep nails short using the correct tools i.e. nail scissors or clippers. Try to use clippers to cut your nails as scissors are not the best design for cutting shorter nails and can cause damage and splitting.
  • Cut nails after a shower, the shower will soften them.
  • The best way to cut nails is to cut off the nail in sections at slightly different angles. This can stop a nail flying off or shattering as can happen if you try to take the nail off in one hit.
  • Occasionally massage nail cream into the cuticle.
  • Keep edges smooth will a nail file.

Dealing with nail conditions and problems

Hangnails are caused when a piece of dry skin splits surrounding the nail. Trim the nail with scissors or clippers, don’t tug pull or bite. Apply moisturizer to the nail cuticles.

Fungal problems mostly occur on the toenails but not exclusively. Keep your feet clean and dry and apply anti fungal cream, you can buy over the counter fungal creams from your chemist. If this doesn’t work see a GP, only prescription drugs will clear up for some fungi.

Ingrown toenails, often caused by wearing badly fitting shoes. Trimming the toenail below the groove where the skin and the nail meet can make the problem worst. You should be able to wiggle your toes at the end of the shoe, if you’re your shoes are too small you might cause an ingrowing toenail.

Sore skin at the side of your nails could be the sign of an infection or that your cuticles have been damaged. This causes the skin at the sides of your nails to get sore and irritated.

Splitting and cracking nails can be fixed by using a nail file to seal the edges and stop any further splitting or cracking.

Biting nails is a loathsome habit that many just cannot break. You should try to find out why you bite your nails. Is it out of nervousness, or stress? It is a mind over matter thing, although you can paint your nails with something disgusting so you wont bite them again.

Should men get a professional manicure?

Move over ladies, a good professional manicure will keep your nails and hands in tip top health and condition. So go for it.

natural nail care

Firstly eating a good healthy diet can do wonders for your nails, keeping them fit, strong and nicely growing . Other ways to promote nail growth and health is by using some natural remedies.

Biotin – One of the best vitamins for healthy nail growth is biotin (or vitamin H). This encourages the keratin infrastructure and promotes the growth of nails as well as hair. Biotin is found in foods such as whole grains, almonds, soybeans, carrots, lentils, oats, walnuts, eggs, tomatoes, salmon,  cauliflower, cucumber, milk, and strawberries. Or you can buy it as a health supplement.

Olive and Coconut Oil – Oils work well on nails as a moisturiser, they contain importantt nutrients promoting healthy nail growth. Oils also help to cure hangnails, and strengthen your cuticles which help nails grow.

broken nails remedy

Broken and cracked nails can make your hands look unsightly, not to mention painful. So how can you avoid breaking your nails?

Environment – If you have broken, split, or cracked nails then it may be because you are exposing your nails to too much water, or keeping them too dry. Moisturising can help with this. Also avoid harsh chemicals and soaps on your hands which can also dry out nails.

Keep nails trim – If your nail growth gets out of control then they are much more likely to get caught on something and split. Keep those fingernails nice and short by regular cutting, and make sure you file them down so they are nice and smooth.