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Facial Exercises

Tone up the muscles in your face

Fight the signs of ageing and develop a more youthful looking face with a simple exercise regime for your facial muscles that will reduce wrinkles, build a strong firm jaw line, and a taut, toned face.

The muscles in the face are smaller and have a lower fat to muscle ratio than most other parts of the body so the visible effects of these exercises will be seen in a short period of time, 10 minutes a day should produce results within 20 days.

Exercise 1

This exercise works on the muscle around the eye, the muscles which open and closes the eyes. Use this exercise to tone and lift upper and lower eyelids. Your eye socket will become more defined and appear larger, it will reduce under eye puffiness and lift under eye hollows.

Place your index fingers on your eyebrows and your thumb a little over a centimetre below each eye.

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With your fingers and thumbs resisting the motion close your eyes and hold while counting to 40

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Do this exercise 2 times a day. When you do it place only slight pressure with your index finger, the skin under your eyes is very thin and should be treated gently.

Exercise 2

This exercise works on the muscles surrounding the corners of the mouth and the cheeks helping to remove any stressed out look.

In this exercise we concentrate on 4 muscles, the one that raises the eyebrows, the one that draw the scalp forward for a squint of puzzled look, the muscle that pulls the scalp back and the muscle that joins the last two together.
This multi purpose exercise raises the eyebrows and reduces frown lines, by toning these muscles it will diminish the hooding effect which age and declining muscle tone can have on the upper eyelids.

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Exercise 3

This exercise works on the muscles surrounding the corners of the mouth and the cheeks helping to remove any stressed out look.

Place your index fingers on your cheek bones, apply light pressure, (remember to always be particularly gentle with the skin under your eyes) open your mouth 2 centimeters with your lips tucked under your teeth and smile with the corners of your mouth, you should feel your cheeks pushing against your fingers. Repeat until you feel the pressure in your muscles.
This exercise should be performed twice a day.

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Exercise 4

Throughout our lives our noses continue to grow, the nose tip will widen and drop. In this exercise by increasing the blood flow in the nose and upper lip you can keep it from dropping and fattening.

Place your finger on the tip of your nose and flex your nose down, hold for a second then release, repeat this until you feel the pressure in your muscle.
Whilst doing this breathe normally. This exercise only needs to be done twice a day.

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Exercise 5

This exercise works on the muscles surrounding the mouth strengthening the whole mouth area.

Put your finger on your chin, don't clench your teeth, push the skin on your chin up whilst pushing back with the muscles surrounding your face. Repeat until you feel the burn.
This exercise should be done twice a day and is best done while sitting up.

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Exercise 6

This exercise works toward smoothing out any age lines that you might have running from the corners up to your nose.

Open your mouth in an O shape, your lips clenching your teeth. Hover your fingers over the corners of your mouth and draw then up, as you do tense the muscles beneath the fingers, it's the flexing of the muscles that will give your face the workout in this exercise.
This exercise should be done twice a day.

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Exercise 7

This exercise will tone and lift the sides of your face, in fact it has been called the facelift.

With your mouth wide open and the corners of your mouth pulled back, roll your lips over your teeth. Place your fingers on your jaw then raise them up until your palms are at eye level, as you do this flex tighten and push-up with the muscles your hands pass. Do this exercise slowly till you feel the pressure in the muscles in the side of your face.
This exercise should be done twice a day.

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Exercise 8

This exercise will firm the neck jaw line and chin, in fact it will reduce double chins.

Stand or sit with your chin held high, mouth closed but smiling. Place both hands on your collar bone and hold the skin with a firm grip, tilt the head back, you should feel a strong pull on your neck and chin. For optimum results when you have finished doing this exercise tilting the head back do it tilting the head over each shoulder.

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