Here at grooming health we know how difficult life can be for us men. Not only do you have to pay for stuff like cars and houses, but you also have to try and keep your partners happy. It seems never ending, but you need to have some me time, a pampering session, and a good old groom of your hair, face and body.

To help you get through the day whilst looking amazing, we have put together some handy grooming tips, advice, Information, and resources that cover the basics, the advanced, and the even more advanced methods and tips for shaving, grooming, hair, skin, teeth, anti-ageing, and body care, not forgetting your health and wellbeing.

We also offer indepth advice on hair removal, keeping your teeth nice and white, as well as other things that men dont tend to do, such as find out what skin type you are, and the best moisturisers and shavers etc. This and much more great advice and guides targeted toward men are waiting inside.

Just look down the list and find a subject that interests you, relax  and we will sort out all your worries, that is until the next phone call from the partner, a bank statement arrives, or the text asking where are you arrives.


If you are one of those men that buy a gel or foam along with some disposable razors, then splash on some generic aftershave. Then your’e missing out on the pleasurable, luxurious experience of shaving. There are so many more and different ways to shave that will make the experience more enjoyable, your skin much smoother, and an end to skin shaving rashes and razor burn.

The basics of a good shave
Preparing for a Good Shave
Achieve a Good Shave by Studying Your Face
Shaving Preparation
Shaving Brushes
Types of Shaving Brush
Creating the Best Shaving Lather
Caring for your Shaving Brush
Shaving creams
Chosing the Best Shaving Cream
Shaving Cream Manufacture
Solving Shaving Problems
In Grown Hairs
Preventing Ingrown Hairs
Shaving Bumps
Razor Rash
Nicks and Cuts
Razor Burn
Using a Double Edge Safety Razor
Benefits of a Double Edge Razor over a Cartridge Razor
Choosing a Double Edge Razor
Shaving with a Double Edge Razor
Types of Razor Blades
Shaving with a Cut Throat Razor
Choosing the Right Cut Throat Razor
Learning to Use a Cut Throat Razor
Caring for a Cut Throat Razor
Stropping a Cut Throat Razor
Honing a Cut Throat Razor
A Little Bit of Shaving History
Perfecting the Designer Stubble Look



If there is one thing that men have ignored for way too long, it is looking after their skin. No longer exclusive to females, men are realizing that taking care of the skin is uber important if you want to keep your looks, stay younger looking, and just feel better about yourself. There are some great male skin products available now, just find out your skin type and dive in.

Introducing your Skin
What is your Skin Type
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Combination Skin
Normal Skin
The Importance of Cleansers and Facewashes
The Importance of Moisturisers and Hydrators
Why and When to use Exfoliator or Face Scrub
Do you need a Face Mask
How to Care for your Eyes
Dark Under Eye Circles and Puffiness

Why Lip Balms are Essential

Enjoy the Sun
Choosing a suitable Sunscreen
Using an Aftersun Cream
The Self Tan Option



Sometimes even looking after your skin is not enough if you suffer from skin conditions. From sensitive skin and allergic reactions to outbreaks of spots and zits. Everything is treatable, and you can start looking your best in no-time.

What Causes Spots
Four Steps to Combat Acne
Dealing with Sensitive and Allergic Skin
Dealing with Rosacea



At certain points in everymans life they hit a problem with sex. Whether they are just not getting enough, or they are losing interest. We look at the problems men encounter with their libido and put it right.

How to Increase the Sex Drive
Increase your Sex Drive using Natural Supplements
Causes of a Reduced Sex Drive
Using Pheromones



Another traditionally women only issue is looking after the eyes and lips, but men encounter the same problems and now they can deal with them. From basic chapped lips are choosing the right lip balm, to dealing with those red under eye circles that make you look 80. We look at the problems men have with eyes and lips, and sort them out.

How to Care for your Eyes
Dark Under Eye Circles and Puffiness

Why Lip Balms are Essential



Unfortunately not everyone is Peter Pan and at some point in your life you will start to see the signs of aging. But fear not, there are ways to turn back the clock and tell father time to do one.

The Signs of Ageing
Causes of Skin Aging and Wrinkles
When your Skin is Old
Products Unlikely to Help
How can I look Younger
Free Radicals a Major Cause of Aging
Fighting Free Radicals
Waist Line
Testosterone Replacement
Reduce Stress
Keep the Brain Sharp
Facial Exercises



It is a man’s crowning glory, his mane of hair. Samson lost his strength when his was cut off. Thinning and lacklustre hair needs our help, so lets invigorate our hair before it’s all gone.

Picking Hair Products to Suit your Needs
Make your Hair Healthy
Keeping Hair Healthy
Dealing with Dry Hair
Solutions for Greasy and Oily Hair
Dealing with Dandruff
Make your Hair Shine by Removing Build-up
Colouring your Hair
Colouring Grey Hair
Balding and Thinning Hair



Although your face is always on show, and the first thing people notice, your body needs looking after too. Not just so you have a leaner, fitter body, but also dealing with runaway body hair, skin conditions, and exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells. We also look at hand and nail care, as well as sorting out those pearly whites.

Smelling Good
Smelly Feet
Pick the Right Eau de Toillete for you
How Body Exfoliators and Body Buffers help
Do you need a Body Moisturiser?
Hand and Nail Care
Insure Fresh Breath
Have Whiter Teeth
Thinking of Cosmetic Dentistry
Removing Body Hair



When you are sat down eating chocolate, drinking beer and ordering that next pizza, diet is the last word you want to hear. But like your body and looks, your diet is important and you need to regulate the junk against the good for you. Lets talk managing your diet.

Lose Weight
Why Crash Diets don’t Work
Determine your Ideal Weight
Your Healthy Nutritional Requirement



Should my ethnicity affect my skin care?
Should age affect skin care?
How does gender effect skin care?
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