How to Use Moustache Wax and Why You Need it

If you are the fortunate owner of some impressive lip foliage, a cookie duster, a manometer, a caterpiller, lip rug, or a moustache (mustache even), then you need to tame that beast and keep it under control. To achieve this task, we reccomend the use of the classic and traditionally made moustache wax.

moustache-waxWhat is Moustache Wax?

Although the wax will vary between manufacturers, they all (obviously) have a wax ingredient along with oil, then maybe a butter, vitamin E etc. But the important point to note is that it is all safe to have around your mouth unlike some haircare products which you would want nowhere near your mouth. While a wax will help manage and improve the appearance of your tash, it can also easily be removed at the end of the day with some warm water and soap/shampoo.

Do I need Moustache Wax?

Although this is a personal choice, if you find that you are chewing on your moustache when you eat or drink then you need moustache wax. If your moustache is wispy, wayward, or just plain out of control then you need wax. If you want defined handlebars then you need wax. Basically – You need wax!

Even if you are lucky enough to own a moustache that stays in shape on its own, but that is unusual and most of us need to use some this product. Even if you just use a tiny amount on the hair ends to keep them in place.

Which is the Best Moustache Wax?

Mustache or moustache wax can be purchased from many outlets and is available in a myriad of varieties and strengths, different sizes, different ingredients, and scented or unscented. The best is obviously what works for you and can depend on the type and style of your moustache.

There is quite a large range of waxes available that come with different stiffness qualities, varying colours, fragrances and prices.

How do you apply moustache wax?

Although everyone has their own technique, applying the wax must be done correctly to ensure the best results.  Take some wax from the container with your hand and rub in together.

Then nead and rub the wax over the mustache covering all the hairs, work from the body until the ends, paying special attention to the ends. To get that stiff handlebar end, you may need to apply some additional wax, twisting the hair as you go.

Once completed you may want to comb the moustache and even give it a blast from a hairdryer. This step can help to melt any clumps that may have formed and enabling an even distribution to your tache.

Recommended moustache wax

We like the traditional wax made by The Beard and The Wonderful. It will keep your handlebars straight all-day long and can be picked up for peanuts. Get hold of Portlands finest wax here.

Make your own moustache wax

If you are the adventurous type and are not satisfied with the products available, or are looking for a cheaper alternative to moustache wax, then you can go down the DIY route and make your own. We will follow up with a new post to explain the process in fine detail.