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The Importance of Cleansers and Facewashes
The Importance of Moisturisers and Hydrators
Why and When to use Exfoliator or Face Scrub
Do you need a Face Mask


Good cleansing is important to the skin, and not merely to clean your skin;

  • Cleansing increases circulation, bringing blood to the surface of the skin.
  • Cleansing improves your skins suppleness and pliability.
  • Cleansing will improve a moisturiser’s performance.

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How to use a cleanser/facewash

1. Splash your face with warm water, agitate the cleanser in your palms.
2. Smooth the cleanser onto your face, then gently massage it in with small circular
3. Use your thumb to gently pinch it into your skin, a method which enhances circulation.
4. Use a wet flannel to remove the cleanser, pat skin dry and apply moisturizer.

Cleansing should be done at least once a day, ideally twice, and you should take longer than a minute doing it.


Selecting a cleanser for you

  • Richer creams are better if your skin is dry.
  • Wash off gels are better for oily skin.

Be wary of cleansers which claim too much, look for one that just cleanses, a cleanser that moisturises, tones, smoothes, closes pores, probably does none satisfactorily if any at all.

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Cleansers and mens moisturisers are the two most important elements in caring for your skin.

The skin is about 70% water and 13% corneal, if you go below this equilibrium the skin weakens and is at greater risk. Exposed to the sun, wind and pollution, the corneal dries out and wrinkles appear. It is therefore essential to maintain the water content of skin through hydration.

The two principle ways of hydrating your skin is: 1 drink plenty of water, and 2 use a good moisturizing cream, applied at least once a day will restore vitality.

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When to moisturise

It is best to moisturize in the morning and at night.

Day moisturisers have defensive properties;

° It will also have SPF (sun protection factor), protecting you from skin cancer and
slowing the signs of ageing.

° A good day moisturizer will plump up the outer layer of skin giving you a smoother,
healthier looking appeal so you can look your best from the very start of the day.

Night moisturisers act as regenerators;

° At night the cells in your skin divide twice as quickly, as the cells from the deeper
layers of your skin come through and transform into the surface cells.

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Damage from the sun, pollution and tiredness can end up exhausting your skin. In addition to your daily cleansing and moisturizing you should give your skin an intensive purifying treatment once a week.

° Exfoliating removes the build up of dead skin cells allowing younger healthier ones to
come to the surface.

° Exfoliating stops pores becoming congested (resulting in less spots)

° Exfoliating benefits circulation bringing fresh blood rich in nutrients to the skins surface.

° Exfoliating leaves your skin clearer and uncongested allowing moisture into the skin
more easily.

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Types of exfoliator

° One that is gritty, that mechanical removes dead skin by abrasion.

° Or a peel off which contains fruit acids (AHAs) these work on a deeper level cutting
through the sebum.

An abrasive one is far less time consuming, but could leave your skin feeling thirsty


A good exfoliator should

° Have a high concentration of extremely fine buffing particles, a light abrasive.
Exfoliators with big buffing grains (some have nut shells) will leave your skin angry and

° Be a water soluble cream or gel that can be washed off.

° Have nothing that will irritate your face, avoid ingredients such as peppermint,
menthol, eucalyptus or alcohol. As with any product if it stings or leaves your skin
feeling tight, it’s not doing your skin any good.

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There is a great deal of bogus claims attributed to facial masks, for example detoxifying. What are these mysterious toxins, how do these masks identify them and remove them.

Realistically what masks can do are:

° Hydrate, you’ll need a mask with emollient (a concentrated moisturizer).

° Give a deep pore clean, these are the ones with AHAs or BHAs (beta hydroxy acid alpha
hydroxy acid).

° Absorb excess oil, to absorb oil you need a clay mask. Grooming Health recommends


Maximise the benefit of a mask by

° Exfoliate first this will make your skin more receptive.

° Masks are super-absorbent, highly concentrated and only need to be used once or
twice a week.

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