The Best Shaving Creams are traditional shaving creams
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The Best Shaving Creams

If you're presently using a shaving cream or gel that comes in a pressurised can, smells like deodorant and generally fits the description of goo, then your first time using a high quality shaving cream is going to be a real pleasure and something that will actually turn shaving into an enjoyable experience and make the necessity of shaving feel like an indulgence.
The problem with shaving foams the smell aside is most of them contain sodium hydroxide and similar ingredients, these are included to make the hair follicle and the skin to swell, supposedly for a closer shave and initially it will feel like a close. However when the skin deflates your stubble may become trapped under the skin creating ingrown hairs and rash.

Also these pressurised cans of shaving foam often contain ingredients such as grain alcohol and camphor which can cause sensitive skin irritation.

Another problem is the actual propellants they use to get the shaving cream out of the can, usually butane, isobutene or propane, all of which have a drying effect hindering the performance of an already bad shaving cream.

A good glycerine based shaving cream or soap although initially more expensive, but because they are so concentrated will last you many more shaves, there are slight variations between brands but generally an almond size amount once whipped into a lather is more than enough for 3 or 4 passes.

The key to a good shaving cream is;

1)   It must have moisturising properties, this is important part of shaving as mentioned in the pre shave advice, the softer the hair it is easier for the razor to sheer through and cut cleanly.
It's a good idea once you have applied lather to always shave the areas less prone to shaving maladies first, this allows the shaving cream longer to soften your stubble in problem areas.

2)   A good shaving cream must be thick and emollient enough to provide a good cushion between the razor blade and your face, this will reduce the impact of shaving and reduce the occurrence of any nicks and cuts. Also it should be able to suspend and separate your whiskers so as to present the razor the best possible angle while shaving.

3)   A good shaving cream must be a good lubricant, by reducing friction you stop the blade scraping at your skin which will cause razor rash, redness and sensitivity.

4)   Finally to really make shaving a pleasure look for shaving creams with scents you really enjoy.

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