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Spots are created when hormones start causing excess oil in the pores. If the oil cannot get out of the pore in an even flow, this along with a build-up of dead skin cells form a blockage eventually create a clogged pore. A specific type of bacteria (called propionibacterium acnes) existing in the pore thrives on the oil and the dead skin cells, flourishes, as a result the skin become inflamed. The inflammation and bacteria grow resulting in a pimple.


There are many options for fighting blemishes, this can make it confusing, there isn't one routine or medication that works for everyone. Finding the right combination for you requires experimentation, but the basics are:

1. Shave with an electric razor:
Electric shavers are best for men with blemishes or any other skin malady; they don't remove the top layer of skin and won't cut the heads of any spots.

2. Disinfecting:
The most effective non-prescription disinfectant to fight spots is Benzoyl peroxide, it can penetrate the follicle, reach the problem causing bacteria and kill it, and it has a low risk of irritation.
Tea Tree oil is another effective disinfectant and can be used if you prefer a less chemical alternative. Grooming Health recomends

3. Absorbing excess oil:
Oil production is triggered by hormones, and it's difficult to stop them from producing oil. Start by not make matters worse, avoid products that contain oils or emollient. To absorb oil use a clay mask, this will also unclog pores. If your skin is extremely oily you can use it every day. Grooming Health recomends

4. Exfoliating:
A product with beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is best or if you prefer (some people can't use BHAs) one with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is a close second.
BHA are better because they go through the sebum getting to the oil inside the pore and exfoliate the pore lining. Grooming Health recomends

See products to fight spots

Other tips:

Always wash your hands before touching your face.

Have a towel specifically for your face, don't share it with anybody else, don't use it for drying your hands or anything else and wash it regularly.

If you use a flannel make sure you use a fresh one each time.

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