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You can look as good as a movie star, be manicured to perfection, and smell divine. But if your teeth are looking stained and yellow, and your breath smells like a dog’s gonads, then it would have all been in vain. Ensuring your teeth look their best, and your breath doesn’t smell is massively important to the overall impression you give to others. Plus it impacts on your looks and health.


Bad breath is most often caused by food that you have eaten recently, the odour typically last for 24 to 48 hours. Other causes are gum disease, tooth decay, bacteria on the tongue, plaque or tartar.

If you have bad breath people often don’t like to mention it to you, although they might tell everyone else behind your back.

Mouth wash breath-freshener and brushing your teeth can help mask the smell, brush your teeth and your tongue twice a day and floss once a day. Visit a dentist twice a year, they can clean your teeth properly and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Your mouth is the gateway for many sensual pleasures. Keep it fresh.


There are quite a few options open to get your teeth whitened:

1. You can ask your dentist to bleach your teeth. The process will take several weeks at about half an hour per visit.

2. You can buy a home whitening kit from your dentist, the dentist will fit a mouth guard and supply you with a bleaching gel, usually carbarnide peroxide, you will have to wear the mouth guard for several hours every day for several weeks. The downside is it could make your gums very sensitive.

3. You can buy similar teeth whitening kits at the chemist, the problem with this cheaper option is the mouth guard won’t be an exact fit which may cause an uneven finish.

4. Alternatively you can buy bleaching or whitening strips, these don’t use gum shields and can be very effective when applied twice daily for 14 days. However you can only use them on the front teeth and they don’t whiten right up to the gums leaving a yellow line.

If the above doesn’t appeal, you can get your teeth cleaned at your dentist and avoid foods such as chocolate, dark-coloured berries, red wine, and coffee which are likely to colour your teeth.


It’s a long way to go for a perfect smile but a growing number of people are travelling Abroad to Countries such as Hungary for not only essential dentistry, but also cosmetic treatment. The reason? Places like Hungary offers a high level of competence in its dentists at a fraction of the price of British dentist. For instance a crown can cost £950 in Britain as opposed to £180 over there, implants would cost around £2000 here while in Hungary it would be about £580.

With the price as flights as low as they are at the moment, if you need any dentist work its worth looking into. First get a quote in the UK (or where ever you live in the world), make sure the work can be done relatively quickly, remember to factor in the price of a hotel. That said one surgery in Budapest is even advertising teeth package holidays.

If you don’t fancy Hungary, it’s a longer distance but South Africa could be worth considering.