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What is Beard Oil and Why Do You Need it

Those of you with a furry fuller face (i.e covered in hair) may be aware that the additional face hair you are carrying around, needs some looking after. Many men who have grown a beard and mustache think that just washing their face as usual is fine treatment, but that beard and top lip hair needs special treatment to keep it in tip-top shape and condition. For the beard and mustache you need a good beard oil and possibly for the tache, you may need a moustache wax.

beard-oilGrowing a beard is a special, historic, great and life defining moment in a mans life, but along with that extra hair comes extra responsibilities. You now have skin that is covered in varying lengths of hair to deal with, it is akin to having another head of hair on your chin. And because us men don’t know what to do with our new found manes and they can become uneven, scraggly, and out of control, we need help, we need help.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is in a word, a cosmetic moisturizing oil made especially for the beard. Using a beard oil regularly will result in a smooth, shiny, healthy and soft mane of hair that is easier to manage. Not treating your beard to a treatment would be like leaving your hair to it’s own devices. Most of us already have a raft of products in our bathrooms specifically for the hair on our head, and beard oil is designed specifically for the hair on your chin.

It is not just used to treat facial hair, but is also for the skin. You will have noticed after having a beard for a while that the skin below gets dry, red and even flaky leading to the dreaded beard-druff. The oil that is designed specifically for beards is full of great conditioning natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, and hemp oil that are both great and healthy for both your skin and beard.

So to summarize Beard oil is an essential part of your daily routine because:-

It moisturises both the facial hair and the skin below

Beard oil will both soften the hair of the beard and hydrate your skin. This will keep an untamed beard soft, shiny, and manageable, and you looking groomed and smart. Beard oil is also enriched with a number of vitamins and nutrients that will strengthen the hair follicles promoting more growth. Some men with beards experience flakey, dry or rough skin, beard oil will not only work on the hairs but will also moisturise and restore the epidermis.

It keeps keeps your hair and skin free of flakes and smelling great.

These specially formulated oils have moisturising properties that they make the skin softer and smoother, whilst also add their beautiful musky smell to your lower face acting like a cologne or after shave as well. If you would rather use a favorite cologne then just get a scent or fragrance free beard oil.

When to Apply Beard Oil

The best time to get oiling up is straight after having a wash, so generally first thing after getting up and hitting the shower or washing the face. Because washing will open up the skins pores and the hair follicles, it will be easier to absorb all of the oil. Make sure for longer beards to use a comb to get the oil along the whole length of each hair so that it is coated.

How to Use Beard oil

Just pour a small amount into the centre of the palm of your hand, then rub hands together to distribute the oil across both hands. Apply straight to the skin underneath the beard and then work it into every hair on the beard. See full instructions for using beard oil here

  • Beard oil is enriched with vitamins, micronutrients and fatty acids that improve beard/skin health and strengthen the hair follicles. A healthy beard starts with a nutritious diet and healthy skin (follicles).
  • Beard oil moisturises and restores the epidermis, ridding the beard of flakey skin and promoting ideal beard growth conditions.
  • Softens and treats dry/rough beards. There will be instant benefits, but after 2 weeks of using beard oil you’ll experience the added benefits and you won’t believe how good your facial fuzz looks and feels.
  • Helps soothe the dreaded itch and reduces skin irritation and redness. This will ensure that you don’t look like a walking rash on your next date.

How often you use beard oil

This depends on what type of climate you live in, the harsher will need more oiling. But look to use between every day to every 2-3 days. Some people apply beard oil in the morning after washing and some apply the oil both morning and evening.

The Best Beard Oil we Recommend

A great beard oil that we recommend comes from The Beard and The Wonderful. It is an infusion of Simmondia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba oil to most people), Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil (also known as Hemp Seed), with a hint of Cedarwood essential Oil giving a notable pine scent but with a low odor so as not to interfere with your cologne. It is currently selling at a really low price as well.