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Dealing with Sensitive and Allergic Skin

Dealing with Sensitive and Allergic Skin Dealing with Rosacea If you are having problems with your skin that you think may be an allergy or over sensitivity, the first step is to make certain it’s not a skin disorder. Many skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, eczema,

How to Reduce Spots and Acne

What Causes Spots Four Steps to Combat Acne CAUSES OF SPOTS Spots are created when hormones start causing excess oil in the pores. If the oil cannot get out of the pore in an even flow, this along with a build-up of dead skin cells form a

Lip Balms and Why They are Essential

WHY LIP BALMS ARE ESSENTIAL Although protection and making the lips look good has always been the preserve of women, men should also take care of their lips. The skin covering your lips is extremely thin allowing the blood vessels to show through giving lips their characteristic